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我是个男生,请问取个什么英文名呢(要有个性) I want you I want you No matter what happens between Last week,only two people came to look at the house,neither of whom wanted to buy it.为什么要用whotwo people 是主语 whom 为什么可以指代主语 How about this hairclips A You are welcome B That's all right C I' not sure D Never mind英语单选! Last month,only two people came to look at the house.(Neither of them)wanted to buy it.为什么不填Both of them? that's all right ,That's right ,Never mind 的用法区别.急的, It's________to have an art room,a music room and tow computer rooms 怎么填啊文章里的句子是we also have an art room,a music room and tow computer rooms.that's wmnderful. A:(you,enjoy)__the concert last night?B:very much,I (go,not)__to a concert for a long time.我的填充是A:Did you enjoy B:have not gone但是答案不对.我的想法:有last night应该表示过去式.后面for a long time应该表示现在完 do they like eating the vegetabies?【作肯定回答】 软密封蝶阀制造商有哪些? They look like fish,but they are mammalz是什么意思mammalz写错了,是mammals 软密封蝶阀好的厂家有哪些? 室温硫化硅橡胶固化条件问题我们使用缩合型双组份室温硫化型硅橡胶做浸渍.我们把工件泡在装有硅胶的浸渍槽里,浸渍环境是-25℃,真空-0.1兆帕,胶料里加入3%的二丁基二月桂酸锡,浸渍完成 软密封蝶阀里有大体、中体之分大体、中体是什么意思,有什么区别 加温(130~150℃)对单组份室温固化硅橡胶(RTV silicone)的固化过程有什么影响?加温(130~150℃)对单组份室温固化硅橡胶(RTV silicone)的固化过程有什么作用或负面影响? 连词成句my,the,news,Jimmy,good,to,knew,surprise 求成长的烦恼主题曲as long as we got each other的TV原声就是TV放的那个没伴奏的清唱 开始画面时放的那个 不是全曲 连词成句my,thanks,exam,to,English,i,passed,the,teacher 英语翻译as long as we got each othershow me that smile againoh,show me that smiledon't waste another minute on your cryin'we're nowhere near the endwe're nowhere nearthe best is ready to beginall in a cloudy dazei look into your eyes and see them 连词成句my,the,news,Jimmy,good,to,kenw,surprise thank you的所有英文回答都有?That's all right./it's my pleasure./you're welcome.还有那些? Thanks to the teacher,I passed the English exam.为什么thank要加s? 请问《成长的烦恼》的主题曲《As long as we got each other》的大意是什么? it is my pleasure能不能用you are welcome回答? 最佳答案Not at all You are welcome That's all right It's a pleasure 中文是什么 英语选择 I'm going to tell you how to live a long,healthy life and how to get very rich _____.Aat the same time Bat difficult time Cin timeDon time what is the matter you want to tell me?Now you say.piease could you tell me___________A.what the matter is B.what's the matter C.the matter is whatD.the matter is 关于宾语从句的不太理解.老师的答案是B,但我总觉得不对,应该是A. what is the matter?if something worries you,please tell me.I want to be your friend. Can you tell me ___?A.what's the matter B.what the matter is为什么B是错的? elin linto 的 as long as i can dream要歌词 compare with 和 compared with 有什么区别